Silent Hill 2 - Caracters

James Sunderland - 29

James and the protagonist of the game, and in early moments of the game (if you have replaying the game) you realize that that deep look at yourself in the mirror, it's about dissociation.

This occurred because of a post-traumatic stress disorder, until the end of the game James is still repressing memories of a few days

James and a key point to the outcome of several other characters he encounters in Silent Hill, they will help James find Mary, the reason he is in this town.

the outcome of James' story may be diverse, but what I prefer to take as true on account of all the events (My personal opinion) and the ending called "in Water".

In this ending "In Water" James understands that Mary will not come back to life, so he with Mary's body shoots at Lake Toluca with the car, having his ending with Mary.

Mary Shepherd-Sunderland - 25

Mary was a young girl and also James' late wife Mary before her terminal illness was extremely in love with James (this is clear from the recordings james finds later).

Mary in the recordings in which appears with James demonstrates to be a very energetic person, when she and hospitalized with the terminal illness all this energy disappears.

Mary happens to be a very depressed person and expresses her willingness to die at all times for James, she refuses to accept flowers and other gifts from James because she considers herself a monster.

Mary's outcome takes place in a boss figth with James, where she throws harsh words at James and gets angry.

Her ending may be different with James, but she always ends up dying. (except for the final "rebirth" that goal and revive Mary. but there is no indication that this has come to work.

Maria - 25

Maria is very similar to Mary, and all this has a reason. when Mary was ill, James had a huge sexual frustration, and there are indications that he frequented a strip bar called "Heaven's Night".

Maria itself and a manifestation of James about Mary, Maria and a sexy version of mary,

We indict that Maria is a manifestation and not a person and that she "dies" in various moments, to condemn several times James to feel the pain of loss.

Another detail and that Maria never finds at any time with another character be James or Ernest (Ernest is a ghost), in the exit of the bowling Maria of the excuse that failed to grab Laura, which in fact and impossible for her being a ghost

Maria has a DLC "born from a wish" begins in Heaven's Nigth where she wanders through the empty city, she helps the ghost Ernest who at the end of it all seems to give a purpose to her, who and find James Sundeland

Eddie Dombrowski - 23

On the first encounter with Eddie in hotel is possible to see him vomiting and a body in the next room, James asks if he was involved, but Eddie says no.

Eddie exhibits symptoms of various disorders, all indications indicate that he suffered bully at some point in his life

Eddie and Laura are close friends, they traveled together to Silent Hill. the white van at the beginning of the game was Eddie's

It does well indicate that Eddie suffers depersonalization, at the moment of the refrigerator in which James finds Eddie da to realize that he is out of his own, and acts aggressively and ends up being killed by James, this raises the possibility that Eddie killed the person in the hotel.

Laura - 8

Laura and a little girl who's in silent hill for the same reason as James, to find Mary. throughout the game and revealed that Laura was already a good friend of Mary's

Laura is the only one who seems to see silent hill in its normal form, without rusts, without monsters and ghastly noises. the reason why it may be that Laura and a child still innocent.

When James finds out and reveals to Laura that he's the one who killed Mary, Laura gets pretty nervous about it.

Laura can be adopted by James at the most comforting end of the game, the two come out together from silent hill.

Angela Orosco - 19

Angela and the first person James meets in silent hill, he finds her in a cemetery, saying he was looking for his mother.

but in front of the game James finds Angela in front of a mirror contemplating a knife, James tries to calm her down, for a moment she gets hysterical and tries to push James away.

At one point in the game James faces a monster symbolizing Angela's father, after which she makes it clear that she suffered abuse from her father and brother

At its end, when the ash lake hotel is on fire she goes into the flames, James tries to convince her not to do that, but she will

In the room where Angela had the mirror and the knife, there's a next door with several children's drawings, and she's blocked, "lost childhood".

Angela also does not meet anyone besides James, would she be a ghost :o ?